My name is Nils Trubkin.

[ Introduction ]

I'm a Computer Science student, and I have a strong passion for computers. I am particularly interested in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, and have had experience working on projects involving machine learning, as well as projects involving network security.

[ Education ]

I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in Computer Systems and Networks, with focus on Cybersecurity, at Chalmers University of Technology.

[ Hobbies and Interests ]

In my free time, I enjoy a variety of activities, many of which involve using my computer. I enjoy going out and skating with my inline skates when I have the chance. I also have a variety of other interests, including gaming, VR, music, audiobooks and podcasts, cooking, photography, and making sure my software is always on the cutting edge (or at least not stuck in the stone age).

[ Programming Experience ]

Since I was little, I was tinkering with all the things with screws in them. Dissasembling and re-assembling small electronics to see what's in the box. I was particulary into pressing buttons too, methodically looking through every single menu of Windows XP to find out what buttons exist. As I grew up, I became increasingly interested in tinkering with my computer, upgrading its components, overclocking, and exploring different settings and configurations. My first programming experience was at around the age of 8 when I used BASIC to create a simple calculator. I have also created a few Flash games in the past.

During my teen years, I began to program in Java and became more interested in it as I started studying at the university. During my time at the university, I have gained a wide range of new skills and experiences.

[ Skills and Technologies ]

I have gained experience with a variety of programming languages and technologies, including low-level languages such as Assembly and VHDL, which I have used to program FPGAs. I have also gained experience with the C and C++ programming languages through both personal projects and coursework in Hardware, Operating Systems, and OpenGL shaders.

[ Personal Projects ]

In addition, I have developed advanced Android applications in Java and Kotlin, which are used by many users. I have also gained experience with parallel programming through my work with Erlang. I have also worked with Python on various projects, including data science projects using Pandas and machine learning techniques as well as controlling of ROS based robots.

Haskell, which I initially struggled with, eventually became a language that I really enjoyed working with. Learning it provided me with a tough but rewarding challenge. "Penumbra" is the name of my robot pet-project made using Arduino. I have also created a simulation for it using Unity, C#, and ml-agents, which I have named "Antumbra".

[ Additional Experience ]

I have gained experience with a variety of technical tools and technologies, including networking equipment such as Cisco routers and switches, and firewall rules using iptables. I am also proficient in using the terminal and have experimented with different Linux distros. I have written scripts and tinkered with desktop managers, and have used Kali Linux for penetration testing, reporting vulnerabilities that have been patched in real companies.

I have also written this webpage using just HTML and CSS, and have chosen to use Nginx as the web server because it is known for its performance and reliability. I have also set up a Raspberry Pi as a DNS server, which has allowed me to gain experience with Linux and networking concepts. While I have had experience with JavaScript, I prefer to avoid using it due to the potential security risks that it can pose. In addition to my technical skills, I have also done some 3D modeling using Maja, although it is not strictly coding.

And I use nvim because because people on the internet told me it's cool, and we all know the internet never lies.

Btw I use Arch.